What would you say if someone told you they found a way to cut heating costs in half!

Could you add heating efficiency and reduce costs quickly and easily? What a great solution for home heating and cooling. An addition to your existing heating system to give you terrific cooling in the summer and lower cost heat. Lower your monthly energy bills!

How it Works… ACH Units operate very simply. Even in winter there is heat energy in the air. Air molecules outside are moving at hundreds of MPH even on the coldest days. The ACH grabs energy from the air molecules outdoors and moves warmth into your living area at a higher temperature. This heat transfer provides more heat than the energy it uses. In simpler terms, you get more heat for your dollar with lower operating costs. In summer, the process is reversed to work like an Air Conditioner. ACH Units give reliable, efficient air conditioning and dehumidifying. Window, wall or whole house units install just like Air Conditioning. Controllers can be installed to manage the system and balance the ACH or the furnace for maximum heat and savings.

You could start enjoying the benefits of this clean simple money saving solution to the increasing cost of heating and cooling today!

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The Bright Solution… Heating and cooling at lower cost!

Do you burn oil, propane or natural gas? The add-on ACH’s efficiency beats even the newest fossil fuel furnaces. Electricity prices are more stable and should decrease over the next few years. Reliable, conservative, a best choice.

How much life is left in your furnace?
A furnace over 15 years old, it may be due for total replacement. Ask about sizing an ACH for your total heating and cooling needs. If your furnace works, our add-on unit can extend its life significantly.

How efficient is your furnace?

Fuel burning furnaces have efficiencies between 60% and 90%. ACH Units are typically more than 200% efficient. When outside gets extremely frigid, your furnace can kick in to boost heating.

Do you need air conditioning?

If you don’t have central air, or have a unit that’s ready for replacement, the add-on ACH strategy is perfect for you. ACH Units are cooling champions.

How much do you trust your system?

If anything goes wrong with either system, you’ll be covered, because you’ll actually have two heating systems. Great peace of mind when snow is blowing and temperatures low. Electricity is the clean safe fuel – you’ll be using most of the time.

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Clean Savings…

Studies show that heating with ACH Units is more environmentally friendly than gas, oil or propane heating because of lowered energy use and reduced emissions at the source. Emissions at the power plant are strictly controlled. Both the environment and your budget will come out ahead. Electricity is the Power of the Future.

ACH technologies are often more efficient AND cleaner than combustion. They simply do more with less energy! ACH air conditioners, water heaters and area heaters make your home more efficient, cleaner, and more convenient. Like the newer light bulbs that save energy while reducing emissions, the ACH is a great solution.

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Ask Those Who Know…
One owner said, “It is very evident when it is on there is a soft even flow of air coming out into the room, where when the propane furnace comes on there is this blast of hot air.” They would recommend this system to anyone, “It doesn’t take long for the ACH to pay for itself, and you have the best of both worlds, air conditioning and heating.” “How fast our living room gets warm is amazing!”

Enhance your present system to gain savings and comfort

GNHC LLC. PO Box 241, Durham, NH 03824 603-389-9212
Cut your heating bill in half!

When fuel was half the current price, furnaces made sense. Prices have changed. What is you could cut cost and still keep Comfort with Big savings.

In many areas, the use of ACH units is more than doubling each year. You too can start to benefit today.

Imagine you took an air conditioner and flipped it around so the cold air blows outdoors? The result that Air Indoors gets Hotter! With this system, the air indoors gets up to four times as much heat as the electricity used - WOW!

A sensible choice even into Canada where the savings often cuts the total heating bill in half or more. Low cost of installation means it can pay for itself within months.

Questions and Answers: “Isn’t it more cost effective to use a gas furnace rather than ACH? Isn’t gas cheaper?”

The answer is “No.” and “No.” ACH units are much more efficient. The savings are huge. Burning fossil fuel to create heat and losing some up the chimney compares like a fire in a cave. ACH systems use electricity move heat from the air outside to the inside. This is much more efficient than burning a fuel for heat. That means significantly lower heating bills.

New Hampshire Expected Costs for Winter/Spring 2008


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